Calijah by Anne Harper

Calijah  is the first book from new author Anne Harper. It’s filled to the brim with swordfights, power-hungry Elders, Dragon Warriors, and drunken nobles. Young heroes, different and alike, are brought into a titanic struggle between two primordial forces.

On the first day of their future outside the Orphan Hostel, a young man named Calijah and three of his friends are cast into an intrigue not of their making. Calijah, Arn, Jacques and Mathieu all have different hopes for their future, but those dreams are consumed by a deadly peril that pursues them westward through the mountains.  Intrigue and sorrow dog their steps as each of them learns the bitter power of choice.

Powered by, discover a new world! Experience stunning landscapes and meet compelling characters. Listen as honest dialogue blends with epic fantasy to create a story that both relates and inspires.

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Anne Harper


An educator, professional mentor, celebrated speaker and hospice physician who writes to keep death from winning, Anne Harper lives in the Midwest with her children and husband-a farmer and hero by trade. Her fantasy novel “Calijah” is the first in a series of books that spans centuries in the world of the Kin. When she isn’t writing or being on call, she bakes, quilts and mothers all those within hugging range.

About the Narrator

Logan Harper


A newcomer to the voice acting scene, this is Logan’s first audiobook. He works as an audio engineer, voice coach, and drama director/producer in NE Ohio. His past clients include Kent State University and the Pittsburgh Zoo, and if he could voice video games for a living, he could die a happy man.


Author: Anne Harper

Editor: Logan Harper

Narrator: Logan Harper

Cover Design: Aaron Troyer